The Council for Diabetes Prevention brings together National Diabetes Prevention Program (National DPP) industry stakeholders to increase access to the program, promote high-quality standards, and support the long-term scalability and sustainability of this unique patient-centered, community-based and digital program.  We aim to accomplish this by educating others on the value of the National DPP, sharing best practices for program delivery, and collaborating with government policymakers and regulators in the program’s implementation.

Officers and Board of Directors:

Brenda Schmidt President

CEO, Solera HealthBio

Lisa Shaffer

Senior Vice President,
Blood Centers of AmericaBio

Marlayna Bollinger

Executive Director,
Skinny Gene ProjectBio

Julia Hu 

CEO, Lark TechnologiesBio

Neal Kaufman, MD

Founder and Chief Medical Officer,
Canary HealthBio

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